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Accidental Inventions or perhaps a Demand for Modernity Society

laptopA computer refers to a digital device that receives instructions and manipulates them by means of programs and algorithms in order to establish a link between the device and the user. In this sense, it’s also referred to as a system owing to the fact that it requires a number of different input/output devices in order to run efficiently. These would include your mouse, keyboard, monitor, the CPU and many others.
Since the inception of computers, our life has constantly evolved in this ever growing digital world. Even though some individuals have also called this invention accidental, many  appreciate the role played by these high tech devices. If we take a back, to the pre-computer era, we can easily clearly see how civilisation struggled to get complex things done and as a result acknowledge the fact many avoidable instances easily occurred due to human limitations and thus being incapable of preventing such occurrences.

Computers have gone through massive changes,from the huge, early mainframe computers towards the smaller, faster devices we use today, including desktops, laptops and tablets. The evolution phases of computer systems are often to as generations, with each and every successive generation resulting in features that differed from the previous both when talking about speed, size and memory power.

Flexible Use

Computers play a very important and an extremely significant role in our everyday human life, with roles crossing all different spheres of the society.  The following are some of these roles:

Science and Technology – is probably one of the most significant as we can easily say that any piece of modern equipment we use today is somehow powered by a computer.  These could be telescopes, periscopes, satellites etc..

Banking- Those of us who remember the days of no computers also remember the long queues at the bank cashier.  With the birth of computers and technology, banking systems have become more and more automated drastically reducing our waiting time and thus improving efficiency.

Medicine – With the use of computers, computations that previously took days, weeks or even years now can be done in a matter of minutes.  This means that more effort can be focused on the research and as such we receive results quicker and thus saving precious lives.

Education – Especially in its infancy many have disputed the use of computers within the education system.  Some people claimed it promotes laziness.  Hopefully by now we all realise the advantages this technology brings.  Whilst not to long ago, students would need to crawl through hundreds of books to get their references, nowadays this can all be achieved at the touch of a button.  Moreover, the use of computers and the internet has promoted a new way of learning to people who had no reach.  Distance learning now opens up a nb777ew path to many who could not before.

Aerospace – Thanks to computers and the constant evolution, air travel has become safer and safer.  Aircraft nowadays employ some of the most innovative technology, keeping the pilot in constant loop and making decisions much easier.  Not to mention that the aircraft can fly between two point solely by pushing buttons.

Communication – through the use and evolution of computers distance communication has been made possible at the touch of the button.  E-conferencing and tele conferencing are now the norm, making the world smaller on a daily basis.  Not to mention the effect of social media to effect certain functions, such as e-commerce, information exchange and making contacts386


Through the years we have seen many great inventions, such as the simple light bulb or complex piston engine but very few will argue that one of the best modern invention is the computer.  The machines continue to evolve and in turn they continue to shape our life in different ways.  Lets wait and see what the future holds.

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