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Easy Ways to Control Rats

They are small animals that can be very disturbing and destructive. However although most of us understand their dangers, very few people take the presence of these creatures seriously. Until the effects caused by the rodents becomes high and stressing, that is when people start taking every measure to get rid of them. The few that really understand the harm caused by rats in their residence do not really understand how to control, get rid of them and to prevent their existence in their environment.

Have you ever spotted a big rat run across in front of your visitors? Or you cannot store your goods for future use because of rats? Destroying even your clothes? These are just some few effects of rats.

Reasons Why You Should Control Rats

Rat control is not a discussion that you can decide to take or leave. They are destructive rodents that not only destroy property but even worse are a major health hazard. Here are some reasons why you should start controlling rats

  • These rodents will ruin your business and reputation. Can you think of how you would feel spotting a rat in a food company you have visited? Protect the image of your company and premises by getting rid of rats.
  • They carry and spread a number of bad diseases. Rats are dirty animals, they live in dirty places and as such will carry all the diseases associated with a filthy environment. They may include: Toxoplasma, Salmonella, Leptospirosis and Hantavirus.
  • They are messy creatures as you most definitely find rat’s waste all over your premises. In your utensils, clothes and food.
  • Rats carry other harmful parasites and bacteria. They can easily carry fleas and ticks into your house.
  • They are the most destructive rodents you can find in your home. They eat and damage any typ

    e of material from foods, pipes, electrical wires, clothes to furniture. This assures you that they can cause chaos especially when they overbreed.

  • Stop them from contaminating your food. They carry a lot of dirt and other materials that can contaminate your food. They will even urinate there.

Apart from causing major effects and disturbance to the community. Rats are known to breed very fast hence posing danger to the community. Knowing the behaviour before you start rat control is important. How do you know that you are posed by infestation of rats?

-You will hear noises from the roof at night.

-You can spot rat dropping in the waste bins.

-If your cat is continuously coming back in the house with a rat.

-Damaged clothes, furniture, pipes and other materials in the house.

-You can also spot a rat running across the kitchen.

5 Rat Control Tips

1. Use Of Traps and Baits

Use traps to get rid of the rats. Be careful while placing traps. Make sure they are placed away from children. Place them along the routes that rats are using. Check your traps regularly. In case you use bait, make sure you check on daily basis to prevent dead rats rotting around the premises.

Examples of rat traps can include:

  • · Live trap
  • · Cube trap
  • · Rat Snap
  • · Handmade trap
  • · Electric trap

2. Cover Measures

These are steps that will prevent entrance of rats into your store or house. Repair all the gaps and openings around the house to prevent rats from getting into your premises.

3. Poison Baits Outside The Home

This is meant to ensure that you keep your household safe from the poison in the baits especially for the children. Place these poison baits away from the house to prevent your children from accidentally reaching them. Read and interpreted directions given on how to use the poison. It helps control rats that might get to the house.

4. Maintain Cleanliness

Rats can be easily attracted by disposal of waste around your premises. Make sure that you empty your waste bins regularly to prevent rats. Clean the environment around your house by clearing bushes to prevent breeding of rats there.

5. Food Control

Rats are mostly be found in areas where there is plenty of food. By locking food in areas out of their rich starve them to death. Also make sure that you dispose waste food effectively.

Summing Up

For effective control of these creatures, you are advised to conduct regular inspection around your place. This helps you to discover hidden rat breeding areas that you may not be aware existed before.

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