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Mobile Roofing Solutions

imageCommercial and residential roofing is a big industry and no wonder, since our roof is the only thing protecting us from the outside world.  When our roof gets damaged, it may cause uneccesary stress and financial loss.  Owing to the fact that time is of essence, roofing companies now offer mobile roofing solutions.  Knowing the urgency of the situation these units are able to come to your assistance within a very short time span.

Signs of a damaged roof

Bucklin/Curling Shingles – When shingles start to buckle and curl, this means that some of the shingles need to be replaced.  To get a clear indication you need to look at the slopes of your house and if you notice lose granules and curling shingles that it is time to take action.

Missing Shingles – When shingles start to go missing, this is a clear indication your roof is in need of immediate repair.  Call your local mobile roofing company for a free estimate and repair before the next storm hits your town.

Granules in roof gutters – this is a clear indication that your roof shingles are starting to move or even come out of place.  Moreover the granules in the gutter can cause additional water damage and need to be taken care of with immediate effect.

Discolouring – Any Discolouring of your walls or ceiling are an indication of a leaking roof.  Get a professional to inspect before it is too late.  You mobile roofing contractor is only a call away.

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What types of repair can they perform

Just like any roofing contractor these professionals could be equipped with all the necessary equipment to perform any roofing job.  It is thus highly important that when you call the mobile roofing contractor  you give an accurate, detailed overview of your problem.  This way they can bring in all the necessary tools saving precious time.

Free Assesment

Most mobile roofing contractors also offer a free assessments of your repairs.  If you just had an issue solved make sure you get the contractor to inspect the roof for further damage and any underlying problems.  This way you do not need to call when it is too late saving time and money on  your repairs.

Where to call

There are many companies offering similar services such as MJB Roofing in Michigan.  Search your area for professional contractors.  Always ask around and get reviews and the last thing you need is an unprofessional job on your roof.  Always make sure that the mobile roofing contractor has plenty of experience and holds the necessary qualifications and documentation


Mobile roofing contractor offers a great opportunity to get your roof fixed in the least possible time thus avoiding any unnecessary further damage. Always make sure to give them a good overview so that they can bring all the necessary equipment for the jobs.  Never leave it too late until you make the call.




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