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Roof maintenance and how to Protect my House

roof-maintenance_1Maintenance of residential houses is a kind of public service, which requires a high level of engineering. Housing is a complex and expensive engineering structure that should for many years serve its owners. But what can we see nowadays? Unfortunately, there are a lot of problems that make us worry and can’t let us live happily in our own home. According to recent research and statistics, we can see that the most common problem that practically all homeowners face, is a problem with the roof maintenance.

Nowadays there are numerous types of roof designs and structures , there are different styles, designs, materials, and shapes. All these points are very important if we have some problems with the roof because each specialist will tell you that it is very important while choosing a way how to fix some roof problems.

What do we understand under the term “roof maintenance”?
Roof maintenance is a set complex of measures that are taken in order to protect roofing constructions of buildings. It is not an easy job at all! There are different types of steps and measures that specialists take in order to be sure that the roof will protect your house in anytime!

Main measures to preserve roofs
First of all specialists start with visual monitoring. Such visual inspections are carried out usually in spring, summer, autumn and winter. Visual monitoring specialists pay attention to the place of conjugation of the roof membrane with different constructions: roof access, wall connection, parapets, ventilation units to the posts and television aerials braces. It is really difficult to understand for an ordinary person who has no idea about engineering and who just wants his roof to be reliable.
The next important step is when specialists check the water resistance. This problem stresses thousands of American families and now there are a lot of ways how to be sure that water won’t spoil your new carpet. While monitoring, specialists will carefully check ceilings premises that are located under the roof. If some wet spots will be found then necessary measures will be taken immediately.
I would like to remind you that it is a very important inspection, especially before rainy seasons. For example, before autumn you should know that your roof is reliable enough to protect you from any storms and rainy weather!
Measures that are necessary for autumn.

When autumn period is coming don’t forget about the following steps:

  1. All roof repairs must be completed
  2. It is really necessary you should clean your roof and all rainwater devices from various leaves, pine needles and dust.
  3. Remember, that you should not sweep away leaves and any rubbish in the gutters!

We should know that each season demands special kind of roof care but what concerns autumn, without any doubts can be called as one of the most dangerous seasons for our roof. Maybe only winter can be called as a more dangerous period because of the snow. That’s why you should never forget about the necessity of such monitoring
when fall period is coming!
Measures that are necessary for winter
Winter is not an easy period. In autumn we should cater for rainfall in winter we should not forget about the snow. Remember that snow isn’t only an amazing gift from nature to us, it’s also a nightmare for all our roofs. Now lets look at the list of necessary measures that you should take in order to maintain a good quality roof. By the way, monitoring and inspections are also useful in this season (as in the fall period) too.

  1.  When you see that there is a huge amount of snow on your roof, don’t admire it because it is the main danger! If you see it, you should immediately clean it.
  2. Remember that not all devices can be used in the roof cleaning because there can be a lot of really serious damages. For roof cleaning you can use only wooden or plastic scraper device.
    There are also a lot of some details that you should remember but these 2 points are the main if you want to protect your roof!

Be careful and don’t forget that roof protects your home!

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