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The ZippiZap Kids Scooter

A prerequisite for any Skate Park, school run and the rushed community, scooters popularity is soaring. The Zippizap scooter offers the ideal model for any speed enthusiast, from the smallest one year old kid to a five year old. The scooter is fitted with precision bearings encouraging kids to race like the big boys at the park, whilst still maintaining a high level of safety due to the stability of the 3 wheel design and lean to steer functions. Despite its cheaper price tag, when compared to other micro scooter brands, Zippizap scooters’ give a smooth, safe ride.

Affordability and Adaptability

The Zippizap scooter is a single scooter that can be modified to meet three different age groups. Firstly, toddlers aged 1 to 2 years can ride on the scooter. Secondly, the scooter has a rough toddler handlebar for 2 to 3 years olds’ and thirdly, the scooter also comes with an ordinary T-bar handlebar for 3 to 5 years olds’. It’s ideal for kids unfamiliar with scooting and will keep them entertained until they are 5 years of age since its handles are flexible enough to grow with the kid. Zippizap kids’ scooter is thus suited for 1-5 years old kids who are unfamiliar to scooting and requires the comfort and support of a seat and/or rough handlegrip. The Zippizap scooter’s handlebar also looks great and its broad footplate improves its balancing and manoeuvrability. These scooters also come in a variety of colors.

This scooter is the perfect birthday present for a kid and is particularly ideal due to its relatively cheaper price when compared to other micro scooter brands in the market. The Zippizap scooter is currently one of the most popular scooter brands in the market, which gives a child a sense of pride in the midst of his/her peers. Many local parks have little stands for scooters where children can conveniently park their Zippizap scooters as they play with other local kids. The scooter can also withstand 360s, bunny hops and any other exciting tricks

Keeping Active

Besides, its great features, the Zippizap scooter also offers a fantastic means of keeping your kid healthy and fit as well as keeping them active and outdoors. This small, flexible Zippizap scooter with double wheels at the front is perfect for getting kids active, and helping them learn how to balance, whilst being adventurous and active. Zippizap scooters also provide pull handles, aimed at keeping your kids safe as they learn. Your child might be spending too much time indoors, watching television, playing computer games or just idling and thus this scooter will enable them to be more active and venture outdoors. The Zippizap scooter perfectly solves this problem. It gives your kid an opportunity to speed around and enjoy the sun and lovely outdoors in the company of his peers.

Zippzaps have been designed to be low on the ground, making them very comfortable for young kids. This is because one does not need to have one foot higher than the other, as with other mini scooters. This design also aids in keeping balance.

Different Kids, Different Specifications

The Zippizap kids’ scooter comes in various technical specifications. The Zippizap scooters come in various decks’ shapes and sizes allowing any kid to stand on the foot plate comfortably as he/she rides along. Moreover its foot-plate is made of light composite plastic, making it an excellent material for kids toys in general as it reduces the danger of having your child scraping or banging his ankles on some piece of metal.

For kids’ below 8 years old, Zippizap scooters with wider decks are recommended so that the kid can learn how to balance the scooter at ease. The Zippizap kids’ scooter also comes in various wheels’ hardness and sizes. There are two traditional principles for scooter wheels’. Bigger wheels help the rider move faster and at ease, while smaller wheels offer more manoeuvrability. Softer wheels are perfect for smooth surfaces, while hard surfaces or aggressive riding need tougher wheels. Softer, smaller wheels are thus the perfect choice beginners.


Due to its flexibility the Sit and Scoot 3 in 1 Zippizap kids’ scooter is the only toy you would need to purchase for your kid up to 5 years of age. I highly recommend the Zippizap scooter as it will be the ideal therapy and birthday present choice for your little one

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