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Top 10 Vinyl and House Siding Ideas

Vinyl SidingVinyl is one of the best siding options in the market today. Vinyl has a number of distinct advantages over other products out there. To begin with, it is both durable and economical. As result, it is found in millions of prime homes and commercial buildings across the world. However, this type of siding requires expert installation and technical maintenance knowledge. As such, this article explores a few house siding ideas to help you do top quality installation. Read further to discover some top 10 vinyl house siding ideas.

Let Nails Run through the Studs

Although it is understood that many homes have OSD or plywood sheathing on the outside, it is still prudent to drive the nails into studs while installing vinyl siding. If you don’t run the nails firmly through the studs, your siding is going to get loose over time and won’t last long.

Center the Nails within the Nailing Slot

Depending on the local temperatures, your siding is subject to contraction and expansion. To make sure that your siding doesn’t twist out of place due to temperature changes, make sure that the nails have enough room to expand and contract accordingly. To make allowance for changes in temperature, make sure that the nails are centered in the nailing slot.

Don’t Overdrive Nails

Driving the nails too much such that the head sits on the nailing flange prevents your siding from moving during contraction and expansion. Many sidings appear ugly simply because of overdriven nails. You should allow the siding to move freely – which is not possible if it is nailed too tight.

Don’t Make Joints over the Windows

In the case of long walls, you may have to use more than two pieces of vinyl siding to cover them fully. In such a situation, you are advised not to allow the vinyl joints to be done over windows. This is because this may cause leaks through the windows when it rains.

Use the Right Siding Accessories

There are certain specialty vinyl siding accessories that ought to be carefully incorporated in your project. Such accessories include proper mounting blocks for electrical outlets, hose bibs, and exterior lighting. Avoid any amateurish accessorizing methods such as screwing lighting fixtures onto the walls or careless procedures like drilling holes through the siding.

Proper FlashingHome Siding Ideas

In order to come up with excellent vinyl siding, ensure that you do proper flashing. While there are many inferior commonplace trends for flash doors and window heads, experts recommend the custom aluminium flashing technique.


J-channeling is the best technique for installing vinyl sidings. Many siding experts advise you ensure that J-channels at windows and doors are rightly lapped. This prevents water from getting behind the vinyl siding. With a J-channel in place, any trapped water will smoothly run through to the bottom of the windows or doors. Water should never be allowed to run behind the siding as this will damage it within a short time.

Caulk Your J-ChannelHome Siding Options

To have a long-lasting vinyl siding, make sure that the J-channel is properly caulked. Depending on your personal preferences, you may go for a visible or hidden caulking. Make sure that the caulking is properly in place before you proceed with the rest of the installation process.

Safety Concerns

Make sure that the siding contractor you hire has a thorough understanding of all the mandatory safety concerns. Remember that certain federal and statutory siding guidelines ought to be meticulously adhered to as you put up your vinyl siding. For instance, make sure that you use standard materials that are approved by the relevant bodies and authorities. Some of the materials that should be chosen with care include handrails, ladders, and toe boards. Never give in to the usual temptation to use cheaper non-standard products/materials as this will no doubt prove rather costly in the end.

Beware of Warranty Callbacks

Instead of doing inferior work under the guise of spending less, you should concentrate on the project and do it right the first time. Bear in mind that receiving warranty callbacks will be very expensive in terms of labor, material, and time. For those working on commercial premises, warranty callbacks will badly affect your real estate profits. Give the project all your best by hiring competent and experienced contractors, using high quality materials/products, and observing all the state and federal vinyl siding stipulations.

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