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Vinyl Flooring Service – Finding the right floor

imageWhilst aesthetically your floor give your home a particular look it also perform other features which are more important.  Your floor as with your roof will protect you and your contents.  Good flooring will keep can keep your house warm and cozy in winter and can bring down the heat in summer.  Moreover good flooring is also need to protect you the elements and any leaks that may occur.

With any advance in technology we also have an improvement on our flooring choices.  The latest of which called Luxury Vinyl Flooring also commonly known as LVT.  Let’s now ask a couple of questions about luxury vinyl flooring.

Where can we install Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Unlike other flooring types, luxury vinyl flooring is truly universal as it can be used in practically any room within a house, be it a bathroom, kitchen or the living room.  If in doubt ask your local vinyl flooring service contractor for advice.


Advantages and Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

  1.  Luxury Vinyl tiles are made by photogravure process able to mimic any real stone or wood tile.  The final product, although fake is so finely done that not even the naked eye can spot the difference.
  2. When compared to the real thing, this material is substantially cheaper.
  3. Since these products are made of 100% vinyl, they are in accordance with green building standards and thus eligible for LEED points.
  4. It is very low maintenance and very easy to clean.
  5. As long as the tiles/planks are professionally installed they are truly water resistant.  This is why it is always advisable to have them installed by a reputable vinyl flooring service contractor.
  6. Most companies offer excellent warranties on durability as they can withstand commercial wear and tear.
  7. When searching for luxury vinyl tiles one can notice the abundance of designs and shapes available.


Luxury vinyl flooring has many advantages but it does come with a few cons.  Most of these cons relate to the care for the product.  As with any flooring it is advisable to have table and chair legs fitted with felt to protect the vinyl layer as although durable, these are not indestructible.  It is also advisable that the floors are clean d regularly in order to avoid scratching the top surface.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring Installation

Installing vinyl flooring can be a DIY jobs but still requires a great deal of DIY experience and expertise.  Before installation, prep work needs to be done properly so as to have a good bond.  When connecting the tiles or planks, one must pay special attention so as not to damage the tile as it will lose most of its durability as well as its waterproof features.  Although one may save money by installing himself, in the long run it may end up more costly.

The more wiser option would be to contact your local luxury vinyl flooring service contractor.  Most contractors are able to offer a free estimate for the works to be carried out.  They will also be able to suggest any designs which may be appropriate for the jobs.  A professional contractor will not only posses the necessary knowledge and staff to perform a quality jobs, but they would also possess the necessary tools which your average DIY would not be able to have.  Furthermore, whilst the average DIY enthusiast will probably take weeks to complete a jobs, a professional would be able to get it done in days, saving precious time and money.


Advances in technology will always brings to things to our and the addition of luxury vinyl floor tiles has truly brought a new dimension to home improvement.  It not only can replicate any wooden or tile floor but it also brings durability and economy into the picture.  Although installation can be a DIY job it is always advisable to seek advice from your local vinyl flooring service contractor.  After all these are the guys who work in the business day in day out.


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