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Water Damage Risks and Causes

Water Damage MiamiNearly everyone has been subject to water damage of some sort, whether its been at your house, car or even boat, thus you may already know some of the risks and factors that water damage may cause.  This article will outline the various risks as well as look into some of the major causes of water damage.  If we are all aware about the risks it will be easier to prevent or mitigate the situation successfully thus limiting the damage.

Water seeps into tight places, creating small issues but with time will get bigger and bigger if they go unnoticed.  Firstly we look at the main causes of water damage and thereafter we will tackle the various risks.

Reason for water damage

There may be various reasons for water damage and identifying the source problem or even identifying the problem early may become an issue.

Roof Leakage:  Following torrential rain or a leaking pipe, water may seep through the roof shingles, the walls, and chimneys or anywhere it can flow through.  Although most of the time the leak will be clearly visible, in other cases the leak will only get noticed once the issue is quite big.  In this case I suggest calling in the professionals in order to avoid major problems and identify proper source.Water Damage Leak

Faulty Plumbing:  Leaking plumbing is another issue, which unfortunately can also go unnoticed for a while, since most of our plumbing is concealed, either below the floor, on the ceiling or behind the walls.  If you have just purchased a new house, make sure your plumbing is up to standard as no one wants to suffer any type of water damage.

Rising Levels of Water:  In places like Miami Beach Florida, were due to climate change the water has a tendency to rise can cause damage to your house if situated in the vicinity.  Although this may not be clearly visible from the outside, the damage could be done on the foundation of the house.  If you own a house within the vicinity it is imperative that you get professionals to find a way to make your foundations more resistant to water damage.

Risks of water damage

When we discuss the risks associated with water damage we can come up with many, some associated with health and other with your property.


We all understand that water damage also causes humidity and dampness within the effected area.  We also know that were we find dampness we are most likely to find mold.  Mold generates toxic substances that can cause allergic reactions to people who are in the area.  Needless to say these toxins are harmful to the body and can affect a person’s immune system.

Property Damage

The other big issue is the damage caused to the structure of your home, furniture, car etc…  As water seeps through the cracks and crannies it will infiltrate the material, normally inflating it and making it brittle until it breaks.  If this happens to your roof or walls and is not treated immediately the consequences can be huge.  The water damage can cause great structural failure which could also lead to a total collapse.  This is why it is imperative that once a water issue is identified, it is tackled within 24hrs.


It’s ironic how fire can be a consequence of water damage but in reality if the water leak gets into your fuse box or your circuit breakers, with water being a conductor the chance of a short are very high.  This could spark a fire with devastating effects.  In an ideal world when you purchase a house make sure that water and electricity are separated but this is not always possible.  If not make sure that the electrics are well water proofed and its suggested you inspect them from time to time.

Seeking Professional Assistancewater damage restoration

In some cases water damage can be a DIY job but in reality by performing a DIY jobs you would have only scratched the surface and solved the problem temporarily.  The underlying, source problem may be larger and the consequences are high.  Losing your house due to water damage will bring enormous stress.  Therefore whenever you encounter water damage, you should always seek the advice of seasoned water damage professionals.  Make sure that the company or person selected for the job is truly professional.  Check their documents and also check for reviews as after all you do not want to end up with a problem that is worse than original.  A reputable water damage repair company will not only fix the problem but will also help clean and restore your house back to normal.




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